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Radius Calculator app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 9264 ratings )
Business Utilities
Developer: MaoWare Corporation
1.99 USD
Current version: 6.0.0, last update: 9 months ago
First release : 03 Aug 2011
App size: 22.72 Mb

Radius Calculator allows you to calculate the radius, central angle, arc length, and circumference from the span / chord and rise of an arc segment. Built-in unit converter makes it to work with any length unit (including inches, feet, centimeters, meters, and many more).

Simply enter the span / chord and the rise to arc in your choice of units. Then pick the output unit unit and the radius, central angle, arc length, and circumference are instantly computed.

Designed for the multiple trades in the construction industry, this calculator is great for any craftsman who needs to find properties of a circle given curve measurements. In particular, Radius Calculator is perfect carpenters or cabinet makers who deal with curved walls.

Note: There is no closed form solution for the central angle and we use a common approximation for that calculation. This method is very accurate for small angles and about 10% off on large angles approaching 180 degrees.

Latest reviews of Radius Calculator app for iPhone and iPad

Great Arc App
I am a general contractor and was trying to figure out the radius of the arc over a garage door header, I downloaded the app and had the radius in about one minute. It would of taken me 20 min to figure it out! 1.99 app saved me about $ 12 in labor.
This app is inaccurate. I dont know what the general contractor was thinking when he used it to hang a garage door. He needs to check it because it had me off by 8 inches. I had to log on to handy math just to get the right arc length. When you calculate the height being half the span it gives you a central angle of Maybe on Mars but on earth its 180. Dont waste your money!
Ok app
Would be nice if it would stop defaulting to inches
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